Those Girls.

You know "Those Girls"

They're the Ones who are, more often than not, really sweet, bubbly, outgoing, and most certainly cute. But they are also the very same girls who are always taking about a new guy, LIVING by Cosmo(Dont get me wrong i love me a good Cosmo mag), and run to you crying when her "loving boyfriend" breaks her heart.

And so, even though she probablly blew you off to go see him, even though he really wasn't cute at all. Even though, he didnt treat her like a Queen, but treated her only a little better than poorly. Even though they dated for like 5 weeks and she swears he was the one. You look at her and become her shoulder. And you try to use all your wisdom and knowledge to tell the dumb broad that she just needs to calm it down on boys for a while, and WHAT does she do?

She has another boyfriend in about 2 weeks.

We have all been victims of being a friend to one of "Those girls" and if you haven't had one of those friends, its because you probablly ARE that friend.

I'm 19 years old. And I think its pretty ridiculous for me to have to constantly justify WHY I don't have a boyfriend. Not even that, but WHY I don't want one.

And ladies (and gentlemen if you will) we don't really need one, especially at 19.

Ok Ok, I know that its great to "be in the arms of a man" or " have someone to just call YOUR own boo" but really, its not that important right now. THOSE GIRLS have a new boyfriend all the time, and for what reason, you have to start asking.

Its to fill the VOID of the things they are lacking. If you can fill your life with things you ENJOY, you wont have to settle for every Tom Dick or Harry that walks right in you face. JUST because he WANTS you, does not mean you have to give him YOU.

Take an acting class. Take a Dance class. Join a swim team. Take up Photography. Find out what makes you glow and shine from the inside. If you can keep yourself occupied with things that make you an interesting person, not only will you appreciate life more, but you will run into someone who enjoys the same things as you and stumble upon true happiness... not happiness that comes from meeting this dude at the club who said "you was cute"

Dont be one of THOSE GIRLS. Appreciate your life. Make the most of it. You have your ENTIRE life to find real, true and LASTING love. NO ONE should have to settle. and If you are true to yourself, you wont ever have to.



Bombchell said...

did one of my friends put u to this, and tell u to write abt me, lol just joking

pretty blog

Missy said...

WOW i swear this was dead on. Can't tell you how many times i've said this to my older sister.

it's amazing how some girls feel incomplete without a man.

you get thumbs up for this blog

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