Ay yo Peeps. (hehe)

Jaimie from has a lovely fantastic Contest going on! OOH la la!

Its Called "Jaimie's September Spectacular" and its a Three Pronged Contest where a lot of Prizes are being given away.

The yummy portion I entered is the Cake Contest, where you take a delish cake and build your makeup/look around it. So I took this lovely Cake:

One, Because I was a freakin Rollerblading Manic as a child. I have the scrapes and scars to prove it. I have some stories, but I'll save those for another Blog.

Two, because I liked the colors.

Three, Don't ask me who Henry is.. I wasn't there for his Birthday.

So here is my Official Entry To Your Contest Jammy Jams! Enjoy!


Bombchell said...

creative entry! gosh I was never able to roller skate, roller blade or any of it

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